The NextGear Team

Mark Constable

COO & Consultant

After 15 years working in recruitment as a consultant, leader and business owner, Mark exited the industry to move into management consulting where has worked with an array of businesses from micro to enterprise level.
Since founding NextGear, Mark has been focused more specifically on working with SMEs in the staffing and wider services industries. He works closely with business owners and management teams providing guidance and coaching in building systems to underpin sustainable scalability, improve profitability, increase valuation and develop culture.

Dave Pye

CEO & Consultant

Dave has had a stellar career in the professional services arena with a significant focus within the recruitment sector. He has worked with organisations across Europe and has been responsible as MD for two of the UK’s largest public recruitment companies.   As well as working within the private equity community, Dave has also led and grown niche, private companies before becoming co-Founder of NextGear
Dave’s specialism is Board alignment, strategy and accountability and providing hands-on support to clients in the implementation of their business plans.

Harry Hellyer

Chairman & Consultant

Having worked in the publishing industry for 10 years, Harry honed his skills in sales, marketing, and management. Before moving on to Shirlaws, Harry spent many years in a senior position at BT, driven by a desire to help SME’s produce cultural business products, and improving the workplace. Harry will help to improve your understanding of why you’re in business and to navigate the future of your company.

Gary White

CFO & Consultant

Starting in manufacturing, before eventually opening his own practise. Gary has spent the last 40 years developing his skills in accountancy. He now runs an R&D tax credit consultancy, alonside various FD roles, continuing to help businesses build scalable and sustainable business models. Gary has a passion for seeing business small and large achieve great success, and being an essential part of this process.

Paul Johnston

Consultant (South West)

Cutting his teeth in senior and boardroom business positions, Paul has worked with teams of motivated business people for over 20 years. Pauls singular focus is to cultivate and encourage businesses to realise their potential, and develop both cultural and commercial values within the teams of a business. For Paul, seeing a business succeed, is second only, to watching talented individuals rise to the challange of creating a successful business.

Liz Flavell

Performance Coach

Having worked in the recruitment industry for 20 years following a background in surveying, Liz has spent the last 7 years advising business owners and coaching both ‘raw’ and experienced recruitment consultants to the highest level. Liz works live on the sales floor, leading by example with a unique hands-on, focused approach, influencing and encouraging your team in real-time to realise their objectives, utilising language, behaviour and commercial experience gained from her own successful career in recruitment. Liz relishes a challenge and takes pride in offering a coaching service tailored to the individual client’s needs, targets and culture, and thrives on adding value to businesses and their component parts. Liz will offer your team a new insight into what they are capable of achieving.

Grant Whelan


Grant has over 30 years experience in business process outsourcing, staffing services and consultancy. Having led his first business turnaround in 2002, turning a loss-making company back to profitability, and on to a successful trade sale, Grant believes that great businesses are a balance of people, processes and systems. Grant has been working for 15 years as a Change Management Practitioner, giving him the perfect insight into organisational change and when is best to apply these changes. Grant’s passion is to help organisations to achieve their potential, and focus on their true purpose.

Phil Wright

European Director

Phil’s reputation as a champion for European talent and tech-focused international business development is undeniable. A hands on leader, motivator and strategist, he has successfully led several companies to IPO overseeing millions of Euros in annual turnover. Focusing across Technology Staffing; Consultancy; Nearshore & Offshore Development Centres; Cross Border Cross Cultural Business Development & Delivery.
He lives near Lisbon, Portugal with his family.

Toby Foulkes

Opertations Manager

Starting in Marketing 5 years ago, Toby left the agency life, and started up alone. Using his skills as a photographer and media producer, Toby has been able to help small businesses navigate the sea of online marketing. Toby’s future ambitions are to continue to help people, hopefully in a more one on one basis. Toby’s biggest passion is learning, continuing to develop skills and assisting people in how to improve themselves, and their businesses.

Adam Hawkins


Adam is an experienced self driven and results orientated recruitment professional with an eleven year proven track record of managing business units with increasing revenues and profitability. Currently working globally to enhance and build on his comprehensive experience in business development, strategic relationship management, and project management.