NextGear’s Scale programme bundles key components of our Discover and Evolve products together to create a 3-phase business transformation journey. This programme is ideal for any business that is serious about scaling-up and significantly increasing equity value using a structured and highly cost effective method.

The 3-phases of the Scale Programme are as follows;

Phase 1 – Discovery, Direction and Foundations 

Phase 2 – Evolve and Build 

Phase 3 – Accelerate and Scale

Investment Summary

NextGear’s policy is to ensure that our clients always get maximum value for their investment.

Our aim is to help you easily recover our fees within the first 6 to 12 months of engagement and this is just the start. Longer term the uplift in profitability and business value will make the investment in the Scale programme seem relatively insignificant. Here are a few of the reasons why;

  • Transferral of skills and knowledge that create a lifelong return on investment, not just a short-term quick hit.
  • Free up time for business owner(s) to build equity value and avoid golden handcuffs
  • Create a functional infrastructure that drives efficiency, creates accountability, and supports growth (delivers between a 15% and 20% uplift in profit – every year)
  • Improved allocation of resources to tasks and the ability to forecast resource needs.
  • Positive impact on levels of staff engagement, reduced stress for the business owner(s)
  • Clarity and Alignment – Consistent behaviour